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Exploring How Milk Quality Begins Outside the Parlor

VES-Artex was recently joined by Dr. David Reid, veterinarian for Rocky Ridge Dairy Consulting to examine how dairies can help improve milk quality before cows reach the parlor.


VES-Artex Unpacked: THI

This is the first in a series of VES-Artex Unpacked Articles that will help you digest common dairy industry elements in a way that makes them first understandable, but more importantly: actionable.


Leveraging Data as a Tool, Not a Time Suck

Recently, Ryan Pearcy, Turntide’s director of product marketing for sustainable agriculture joined VES-Artex to share insights on integrating and optimizing data streams to help drive animal-centered environments on dairies using connected technologies.


The Value of Being Cool

Summer is just around the corner. That means rising temperatures, increased THI potential and more opportunity for the risk of heat stress to creep into your dairy’s operation.


The Effect of Heat Stress and the Impacts on Dairy Calves

The way we look at dairy calves has been less of a priority, but it shouldn’t be. While research in this area is less robust than on mature dairy cattle, we know that heat stress can have long-term impacts on calves.


The Time is Now to Tackle Heat Stress on Your Operation

The time is now to act on heat stress mitigation techniques, not in a few months when the threat of rising THI rears its head once more.


Exploring the Benefits of Pairing Calves During Pre-Weaning

The VES-Artex Academy explores the benefits of paired calf housing with Dr. Whitney Knauer from the University of Minnesota.


Optimizing Feeding and Herd Nutrition Through Technology

How does technology factor into your dairy nutritional management?


Improving Fresh Air Injection Strategies in Modern Dairies

The challenge of introducing fresh air into cow living spaces is critical to cooling effectiveness throughout the year.


DairyBOS: Looking to the Future

We’re looking to simplify your day-to-day life and by giving you more control over your operation. Here’s how…

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