Technology has changed the way we live our lives. It helps us to stay more connected to our families, it helps us do more with less by giving us the ability to automate simple tasks that take our time away from more important things.

VES-Artex sees a future where technology will save you time and money by giving you the ability to manage your barn with the touch of a button. Through our integrated DairyBOS platform our goal is to give you complete control over every aspect of your barn from fans to feed, production to people, and from heat stress to animal health. How?

The Future is Now: Here’s are our most recent functionality additions

  • We’ve given you fully customizable dashboards based on specific job requirements and responsibilities for each member of your staff
  • Alternative dashboard views will include company-level metrics, farm-level data, and building-level information that give you a clear picture of how the systems in your barn and other elements are performing
  • DairyBOS has smart alerts that are fully configurable and batched based on on-farm priorities and preference settings that reduce the number of alerts and notifications you get
  • Fully integrated weather tracking and history that will help your environmental control system adjust to historical trends and its internal facility response to outdoor weather events

DairyBOS Tomorrow: Here’s what our future looks like:

  • Advanced environmental analytics that include air changes per hour and cubic feet per minute, per cow
  • Next-level reporting that includes preventative maintenance schedules for various on-farm devices, this isn’t limited to VES-Artex equipment, we’ll work with any competitors’ systems
  • We’re also working on exciting integrations with databases and APIs  that provide users with more robust information about animal wellness, overall health scores and heat stress prevalence.

We continue to add capabilities, integrations and new features that make a measurable impact on your dairy operation. The future of DairyBOS will focus on simplifying your day-to-day life and control over your operation

VES-Artex is committed to providing you with the best technology to optimize animal wellbeing, while also working to measure, track, and streamline your dairy’s production (link to blog post on benefits to farmer. We provide you with the quality analytics you need to run your facility efficiently and effectively with the touch of a button.

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