Every transformation has a heartbeat. For VES-Artex, DairyBOS® and the Animal-Centered Environment, that heartbeat is Turntide Technologies’ Smart Motor Systems.

VES-Artex is committed to leading the charge on connectivity and sustainability in the dairy industry. That spans from our focus on building Animal-Centered Environments down to the technology used in each of our solutions.

Every motor integrates seamlessly with the DairyBOS® Dairy Barn Operating System, helping keep each dairy’s ventilation, lighting, and cooling technologies connected through a single control system and user interface.

The system also sends alerts if an issue arises with a fan, and can update each motor with new information and technology as it becomes available, ensuring everything is always up to date.

  • Less wasted energy, saving thousands of dollars in electricity
  • Variable speed control for improved performance and efficiency
  • Improved airflow per watt at lower motor speeds
  • Operates efficiently even with electrical phase drop
  • Eliminates belt failures and associated downtime and maintenance
  • No rotor windings or magnets. Eliminating degradation points found in induction motors
  • Corrosion-resistant military-grade materials
  • Wireless connection to controls
  • Remote data monitoring and continuous connectivity
  • Patented switch reluctance technology
  • Receive real-time alerts and data through computer, tablet or smartphone when paired with DairyBOS®
  • Optional direct drive or belt drive motor

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