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The next evolution of Smart Motor is here. 

The Turntide TX motor is designed to offer the highest performance, reliability, and efficiency possible. This direct drive motor minimizes maintenance and offers reliable, long-term performance year-round.

  • High efficiency over a wide range of speeds
  • Switch reluctance design offers peak motor efficiency
  • Improved sound quality

With VES I can get away and still know my cows are comfortable. I have technology, control, and automation to see temperature, humidity, fan speed and essentially run this barn from my smart phone.

Caleb Herrema, Owner
Herrema Dairy | IN, USA



Being able to monitor more from our smart phones is a huge advantage for herd managers. That's going to save quite a few steps to make sure things are running the way they should be. 
Chris Szydel, Herd Manager
Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy | WI, USA