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Visit Us At the World Dairy Expo

September 28th - October 2nd


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Visit us at booth
EH 3805-3909

A new company, a new booth location. Stop by our booth to take a virtual tour around a VES-Artex barn, demo the Turntide Intelligent Barn powered by DairyBOS, or build your barn with our interactive touch table display.

We also have a line up of great speakers doing 20 minute sessions talking about how data improves your businesses and your cows wellbeing. Join us at 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm every day to hear from speakers like Karl Burgi from SaveCows­® Network and Nigel Cook from the Dairyland Initiative. 

Tour Our Virtual Barn

Take a tour of a VES-Artex animal centered environment. This interactive experience will introduce you to some of our core products and give you an opportunity to test them out.  

This Animal Centered Environment features:

  • VES AFR, PPF, and ECV fans
  • Artex Exhaust, Storm and Breeze fans
  • A Rail Fence System
  • Adjustable Gates
  • CSL Headlocks
  • Aqua Dump Water Troughs
  • BioRail Freestall System


Every day at 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm we are bringing in speakers to discuss hot topics like cow comfort, hoof health, dairy technology and operational efficiency. Stop by our booth to connect with our speakers:

Karl Burgi | Founder | SaveCows Network®

Nigel Cook MRCVS | Professor | University of Madison-Wisconsin

Courtney Halbach MBA | Outreach Specialist | Dairyland Initiative

Pablo Lamberto DVM | VP Global Commercial & Marketing | CattleEye

Sue Hagenson | Senior Dairy Specialist | VES-Artex

Charlie Hoffman | Product Owner, DairyBOS | VES-Artex

Turntide Intelligent Barn powered by DairyBOS

Stop by our booth to demo the new Turntide Intelligent Barn system. Powered by DairyBOS, this system gives you real-time control over your facility and integrates with ventilation, cooling, lighting automation technologies giving you ultimate accessiblity from one interface. 


Build a Better Barn and Test the System

Use our virtual design program to build a ventilation system and see how fresh the air will be in your facility.

This interactive program gives you the ability to build a cross vent or tunnel vent facility in a conventional or robot barn, or in a calf facility. Add cooling, lighting and technology to see how a complete VES-Artex system affects cow comfort.