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DairyBOS: Creating a Unified Dairy Ecosystem Through an Intelligent Barn Operating System

Want unparalleled control over your barn’s environment through any phone, tablet, or computer? VES-Artex has the solution.


How Can Appropriate Ventilation and Cooling Aid in Milk Production Recovery?

Here's how appropriate ventilation and heat stress mitigation can aid milk production recovery following high THI conditions


The Ultimate Automated Animal-Centered Environment

It's a smart barn environment designed with veterinarians for healthy cows in any climate.


The Turntide Smart Motor System

Every transformation has a heartbeat. For VES-Artex DairyBOS® that heartbeat is Turntide Technologies' Smart Motor Systems.


Supplemental Long Day Lighting Can Boost Milk Production During Winter Months

Quality and consistent milk production is the foundation of all successful dairies. But achieving consistent production from your herd is not as straightforward as it may seem with changing seasons, both in terms of weather and lighting conditions. When the days get shorter, how can you boost production?


The Cost Of Sustainable Ownership

The systems and products you invest in today will have a lasting effect on your business. So how can you make purchase decisions that increase revenue long-term but also bring you closer to sustainable production?

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DairyBOS® is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, and is used under license from Turntide Technologies, Inc.