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Automated long-day lighting can increase feed consumption and milk production.

About Lighting

Combine translucent polycarbonate barn siding, ultra-efficient industrial LED lighting, and barn sensor technology to create your long and short-day lighting system.

The modern, animal-centered approach to optimal lighting includes efficient LED industrial light fixtures making every watt of energy worthwhile.

Benefits of Lighting

Milk Production

Dry Matter
Intake Increase

Increase Growth, Height,
Earlier Puberty
Lighting Testimonial Paul Fetzer Profile Pic

“Our milk production has increased
by almost 10 pounds.”

Paul Fetzer, President,
Fetzer Farms, Inc.



Affordable and durable and versatile. This versatile lighting option has a mounting option for every facility. And, with zero glass to break, you prevent damage and debris from falling into your pen.

High Bay

Take lighting to a new level with the G5 LED light. This high-performance light offers an amazing 160 lm/watt and can help to reduce energy costs by up to 80%.


VES-Artex Obay lights are an ultra-safe, high-performing light option that’s easy to clean.


EnviroWall allows natural light to come through without the harmful UV rays.

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