Adjustable Gates

Custom fit gates

Product Overview

Adjustable gates from VES-Artex are strong, durable, and available in various sizes to fit your facility properly. The telescoping gate expands or contracts to conform to your specific opening. We offer various configurations with 3, 4, and 5 bar gates and the inclusion or exclusion of a man pass. Options also include various hinge, latch, and support wheel options. Optimize cow flow and herd containment with a safe and reliable adjustable gate from VES-Artex.

Adjustable Gates

Features & Benefits of Adjustable Gates

Adjustable Gates


  • Adjustable insert
  • Available with or without a man pass
  • Hot dipped galvanized frame
Adjustable Gates


  • Adjustable sizing to fit any facility
  • The man pass keeps your staff moving efficiently while not deterring cow flow
  • The durability of the steel frame keeps the gate operating for a longer time

Adjustable Gates

A variety of hinge and latch options are available to ensure installation and operation are compatible with your unique barn. Add support wheels and man passes to support staff usability.

  • Available Options

  • Hinge Options:

    • 360 degree Post
    • Weld On
    • Weld On or Bolt On
    • 1-Way Bolt On
    • 2-Way Bolt On
    • 3-Way Bolt On

    Latch Options:

    • Double Swing Self Closing
    • Single Swing Self Closing
    • Double Swing Self Closing (Weld On)
    • Gate Chain Kit
    • Spring Loaded Barrel Bolt
    • Barrel Bolt

    Frame Options:

    • 3-bar
    • 4-bar
    • 5-bar

    Hot-dipped galvanized frames ensure the heavy-duty gate withstands the harsh farm environment without compromising its operation and functionality. Easily install a gate to a new build or add it to an existing facility. For additional information, please refer to the links below or contact a VES-Artex representative.

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