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Air Flow Ratio (AFR): Belt Drive

Provide MORE power, MORE air, with LESS energy usage

Product Overview

VES-Artex Air Flow Ratio Air™ (AFR) Belt Drive exhaust fans provide superior performance and efficiency over other exhaust fans. Working alongside Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), AFR 50”, 55”, and 72” fans allow you to run your fans smoothly anywhere between 30% to 100% capacity based on the temperature in your facility. This means your fans operate at the intensity you need them to, every day of every year. With industry-leading performance and reliability, these powerful AFR exhaust fans expel unwanted air efficiently for several years. High operational performance also means you will see increases in energy savings. These fans ensure a comfortable living and working environment for your herd and staff.

Prioritize cow comfort by including AFR exhaust fans in your ventilation strategy.

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(AFR): Belt Drive

Features & Benefits of AFR Belt Drive Fans

(AFR): Belt Drive


  • Quick-change belt drive system
  • Fully enclosed maintenance-free motor
  • Taper lock hubs on motor pulley, blade pulley, & blade
  • Sealed bearings on blade shaft for maintenance-free operation
  • Automatic belt tensioner & adjustment bracket for easy alignment
(AFR): Belt Drive


  • Industry-leading performance and efficiency
  • Extremely quiet on all speeds
  • Durable construction provides years of reliable service
  • AMCA 210-07 Certification on all 72” fans – which
    means VES 72” AFR exhaust fans qualify for most

AFR exhaust fans are ideal for tunnel or cross-vent barns. With robust motors and blade assemblies, AFR fans efficiently pull air over various static pressures and expel it through the extended exhaust cone. They can be utilized in dairy, poultry, swine, greenhouses, factories, and warehouse applications

  • Available Options

  • Exhaust fans with the product label “AFRS” means the fan utilizes an SMC Gen V fiberglass housing.

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