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Air Flow Ratio (AFR): Direct Drive

MORE power, MORE air, LESS energy

Product Overview

The VES-Artex Air Flow Ratio AFRV and AFRD exhaust fan series uses a direct drive motor with Smart Motor Technology to control and monitor your ventilation system. Designed to handle extreme weather and harsh environments, these fans stand the test of time in any application.

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(AFR): Direct Drive

Features & Benefits of AFR Direct Drive Fans

(AFR): Direct Drive


  • Outlet guards come standard
  • Durable, easy-to-clean SMC fiberglass housing
  • Minimal-maintenance direct drive with Smart Motor Technology
  • Four fiber reinforced polypropylene blades on the 72″ fan and three on the 55”
  • Scientifically designed to maximize efficiency and airflow volume
  • UL listed & CE certified motors


  • Minimal-maintenance direct drive system and variable speed on both AFRD and AFRV fans.
  • Smart Motor Technology provides maximum intelligence, connectivity, reliability, efficiency, and performance while reducing electrical noise and energy consumption.
  • Smooth and durable reinforced poly blade assembly that stays cleaner is rust-free and long-lasting.
  • Durable, reinforced, smooth Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) housing with optional exhaust cone on the 55” ARFD fan and standard on the 72” ARFV.

The aerodynamic cross mount reduces air drag, increases the air flow rate, and minimizes the number of fans needed to
achieve proper air exchange. The results? Savings!

  • Available Options

  • Other available options:

    • Inlet guard on both 55” AFRD and 72” AFRV fans
    • Exhaust cone on 55” AFRD fan
    • Wind deflectors on the exhaust side of both 55” AFRD & 72” AFRV fans
    • Exhaust shutter on both 55” AFRD and 72” AFRV fans
    • Temperature controls to operate variable speed with VFDs
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