Aqua Dump Water Trough

Available in dumping & non-dumping options

Product Overview

Easy access to clean water is a necessity for every herd. The Aqua Dumps from VES-Artex can be positioned at the optimal height for cows’ consumption while also providing a clean vessel for the water. While most troughs are slow to drain and tough to clean, VES-Artex Aqua Dump Water Troughs have been designed to make the process quick and easy. The smooth construction ensures dirt, feed, and other foreign objects don’t adhere to the trough.

Are you looking for a non-dumping trough option? We’ve got you covered! VES-Artex Non-Dumping Troughs feature the same float design and can be floor or wall-mounted. They are available in hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel, and semi-stainless steel construction. Various trough depths and lengths are available.

Aqua Dump Water Trough

Features & Benefits of Aqua Dump Water Trough



  • Two-piece hood design with easy float access
  • Mounting options for both floor and wall
  • Optional leg risers available
Aqua Dump Water Trough


  • Empties in seconds
  • Thoroughly clean in just a few minutes
  • Immediately ready to use
  • Promote animal well-being with easy access to water

Easy to dump, easy to clean, easy to use! The VES-Artex aqua dump is easy for everyone to enjoy.

  • Available Options

  • Two Standard sizes are available:

    • 2 feet (150cm) | 21 US Gallons (79L)
    • 15 feet (464cm) | 172 US Gallons (653L)

    The construction of the aqua dumps are available in the following options:

    • Hot-dip galvanized
    • Stainless steel
    • Semi-stainless steel

    Float valves are available to purchase separately. Please contact your VES-Artex representative to identify which trough and its placement is right for your herd.

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