Aqua Dump Water Trough

Available in dumping & non-dumping options

Product Overview

Water is the most important, and often neglected, aspect of a cow’s diet. While most troughs are slow to drain and tough to clean, VES-Artex Aqua Dump Water Troughs have been designed to make the process quick and easy. Looking for a non-dumping trough option? We’ve got you covered. VES-Artex Non-Dumping Troughs feature the same float design and can be floor or wall-mounted.

Aqua Dump Water Trough

Features & Benefits of Aqua Dump Water Trough


Features of Aqua Dumps

  • Two-piece hood design with easy float access
  • Mounting options for both floor and wall
  • Optional leg risers available
Aqua Dump Water Trough

Benefits of Aqua Dumps

  • Empties in seconds
  • Thoroughly clean in just a few minutes
  • Immediately ready to use

Easy to dump, easy to clean, easy to use! The VES-Artex aqua dump is easy for everyone to enjoy!

  • Available Options

  • Two Standard sizes are available:

    • 2 feet (150cm) | 21 US Gallons (79L)
    • 15 feet (464cm) | 172 US Gallons (653L)

    The construction of the aqua dumps are available in the following options:

    • Hot-dip galvanized
    • stainless steel
    • Semi-stainless-steel

    Float valves are available to purchase separately

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