Modular design to automate a facility

Product Overview

The VES-Artex AutoFlex is a comprehensive and versatile controller with the ability to control and monitor 16 different zones. It offers an intuitive user interface that can configure and monitor the entire system from a local 10” touchscreen or on any web-enabled device.

Featuring a modular design, you can pair with other Autoflex controls and can therefore expand alongside a facility. It also has standard interchangeable modules for control of fixed or variable speed fans, heaters, inlets, and curtains.


Features & Benefits of Autoflex



  • 10″ Touch screen
  • Control of fixed or variable speed fans, heaters, inlets, and curtains
  • Monitor temperature, static pressure, wind speed, humidity, rain, and THI


  • Control and monitor up to 16 different zones per controller
  • Remotely connect to the control from any web-based device
  • Automate lighting
  • Set timed events for manure scrapers and feeding times

Set operational parameters for inlet, circulation, and exhaust fans, high pressure fogging systems, soaking lines, curtains, and even heaters with a VES-Artex Autoflex control.

  • Available Options

  • Connect sensors to the Autoflex Control

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