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The VES-Artex Blast fan boasts fiberglass housing and is one of the most powerful and efficient fans available today. The venturi-shaped intake was designed for optimum performance. This fan features a balanced exhaust opening for maximum air velocity and distance coverage. Our belt drive models are ideal for animal cooling or environments needing corrosion resistance. A lightweight fan, the Blast is easy to install and clean.

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Blast Fan Models

36″ GenV Direct Drive
50″ & 72″ Belt Drive
Circulating Fan

36″ GenV Direct Drive

When designing the 36″ Blast fan, we used advanced simulations to predict the perfect housing shape in order to bring in the maximum air volume AND to redistribute it at a high velocity consistently. The GenV housing shape makes this one of the most powerful 36″ fans on the market today.


50″ & 72″ Belt Drive

These models are ideal for animal cooling or in environments needing high corrosion resistance such as swine and poultry facilities. These Blast fans are also a great option for warehouses, loading docks, and factories.

Blast fans provide a blast of air right where your herd and staff need it. They also work in tandem with high pressure fogging and misting kits to cool the air in a specific area.

Blast Fan
  • Available Options

  • Belt Drive Sizes: 50″ & 72″

    Direct Drive Size: 36″

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