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Breeze Fans

A new take on traditional panel fans

Product Overview

Our Breeze fan features a venturi-shaped housing design providing more consistent air targeting compared to box-style panel fans. These circular fans make cleaning a breeze, helping to reduce the amount of time it takes to ensure your fans are running at peak efficiency year-round.

Features & Benefits of Breeze Fans


Features of Breeze Fans

  • Fully enclosed motors in standard high efficiency to super-premium high efficiency options
  • Belt drive fans feature a quick-change belt drive system that cuts belt replacement time in half
  • 1-year or 10,000-hour greasing intervals on belt drive fans, means one shot of grease is all it takes for 365 days of trouble-free service
  • Minimal maintenance direct drive fans have fewer bearings, and no greasing is required; the only maintenance required is regular cleaning

Benefits of Breeze Fans

  • Keeps air quality high, reducing respiratory issues and removes ammonia and other harmful gasses
  • Provides exceptional air speed that controls insects, dries bedding, prevents heat stress, and seasonal milk loss
  • Airfoil nylon blade and contoured aluminum blade design providing uniform high-volume airflow
  • Corrosion-resistant, high-density reinforced fiberglass housing on 36″, 50″, 72″, 84″ fans
  • SMC Fiberglass Housing built for increased strength and durability on all 55″ fans
  • Thick layer of U.V. protection prolonging housing life

Breeze fans keep air quality high, removes ammonia and other harmful gasses. This reduces respiratory issues and other health complications.

  • Available Options

  • • Quick-Change Belt Drive and Minimal Maintenance Direct Drive
    • Heavy Duty Aluminum Blades or High Velocity Nylon Blades
    • Variable Speed Control for Added Energy Savings
    • CSA/CSA-US or CE Approved Motors

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