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Pails, Holders, and Feeders

Product Overview

Pails, buckets, holders, and feeders are all necessary accessories to the VES-Artex Standard and Raised Calf Zone pens. All accessories are unique to our calf zones. The metal accessories are all hot-dipped galvanized to ensure their longevity. Outfit your pens to fully support the growth and development of your calves.


Calf Zone Accessories

Bucket Holder
Bottle Holder
Hay Feeder

Bucket Holder

  • Bucket holder base which prevents animals from pushing buckets through the holder
  • Spring-loaded bucket hold-down mechanism which stops calves from tipping buckets and contents


  • 5Qt (5L) or 10Qt (10L) no-stick stackable buckets
  • Built in handle for easy staff handling
  • Smooth polymer construction for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • White is the most popular color option

Bottle Holder

  • 2Qt (2L) or 6Qt (6L) bottle holder options
  • The holding tray extends over the feed buckets to ensure the liquids from the bottles do not drip into the feed
  • Steel construction ensures bottle holder’s longevity

Hay Feeder

  • Single-sided hay feeder
  • Double-sided hay feeder
  • Welded and smooth construction ensures safety and product longevity

Properly support the growth and development of your calves by using the accessories which properly fit their pens.

  • Available Options

    • 5Qt (5L) buckets are compatible with 30″ (0.8M) X 63″ (1.6M) Calf Zone
    • 10Qt (10L) buckets are compatible with 40″ (1M) X 63″ (1.6M) Calf Zone
    • The bottle holders are compatible with all calf zones
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