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Added exhaust or inlet where it’s needed

Product Overview

VES-Artex Chimneys provide an additional exhaust or inlet for use in tunnel, cross, or naturally ventilated facilities. The chimneys are constructed with fiberglass panels to ensure the units remain rust-free. The roof extends past the sides to make sure rain and other unwanted weather elements do not invade the barn. Chimneys are available in passive and powered configurations. The powered configurations leverage a 36″ fan at the base of the chimney to actively bring air into the barn. With either option, building designers strategically place chimneys throughout the barn to help maintain good air quality and destratify the air.

Chimney Exhaust Fans

Features & Benefits of Chimney Fans



  • Insulated fiberglass reinforced panels (FRP) with high-density insulation
  • Made with high-impact and scratch-proof materials
  • Non-corrosive, water, and dirt-resistant housing which is easy-to-clean
Chimney Exhaust Fans


  • Supplemental exhaust and/or inlet
  • Available in passive or powered models
  • Easily add to control configurations to automate operation
  • Add classic barn aesthetics

The powered chimney features a 36″ inlet fan with a direct drive motor to actively inject fresh air into the facility. Connect the fan to your barn’s control infrastructure to automate its operation.

  • Available Options

  • VES-Artex chimneys are either passive or powered.

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