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Curved Self Locks

Curved for cow comfort

Product Overview

Headlocks were designed to give farmers the ability to restrain multiple animals at one time, streamlining labor efficiency and making physical examinations, vaccinations, artificial inseminations, pregnancy checks, and routine treatments faster and safer. Our Curved Top Self Locks (CSL) accomplish all of these objectives. The curved top bar allows additional room for the herd to safely enter and exit the headlock system. The top and bottom blocker guide the cows to enter the headlock correctly. All components hot-dipped galvanized after welding to increase the system’s durability and longevity. There are multiple handle, bracket, and clamp style options to customize the headlock system for your barn.

Curved Top Self Locks (CSL)

Features & Benefits of Curved Top Self Locks (CSL)

Curved Top Self Locks (CSL)


  • Ergonomic curved top rail
  • Largest opening from VES-Artex (20% larger than Standard Self Lock)
  • SMART Control Rod Connection
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel


  • Maximum cow comfort and easy entrance
  • Easy installation
  • Corrosion-resistant, rugged, and long-lasting components are used to ensure your investment is worth-while
  • Gain peace of mind knowing your herd can safely navigate the headlocks

Keep your herd and your staff safe during medical exams by using a VES-Artex headlock

  • Available Options

  • Length (Feet)Length (Meters)Number of Openings
    7′ 4.5″2.23 m3
    8′2.44 m4
    9′2.70 m4
    9′ 10″3.00 m4
    10′3.05 m4
    10′3.05 m5
    12′3.66 m5
    12′3.66 m6
    16′4.86 m8
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