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Product Overview

Illuminate your barn to encourage safety and milk production with EcoBay lights from VES-Artex. These lights are affordable to purchase and to operate, especially as they can be added to your control’s infrastructure. Automating their usage saves you time, money, and gives you peace of mind that the lights are being used efficiently and sustainability. EcoBay lights are super durable and do not contain glass, preventing damage and debris from ever falling into your pen. This versatile lighting option has a mounting option for every facility as they have attached hooks and can be hard-wired in to the barn’s electrical plan.

Long-day lighting (16 hours of light and 8 hours of dark per day), has been shown to increase milk production by 7% – 10% compared to only 12 hours of light per day. Encourage milk production by leveraging EcoBay lights in your barn.

Features & Benefits of EcoBay Lighting



  • Extreme durability with IK10 rating
  • No glass, making this a safe lighting option
  • Designed for outdoor and harsh environments
  • Designed to extend the lifetime of the luminaire
  • IP66 rating protecting against dust and surface sprays
  • Built-in waterproof respirator to remove fog and condensation


  • Adjusting your lighting schedule or installing VES-Artex EcoBay Lights are an economical, easy way to increase milk production
  • EcoBay lights have a large surface area for heat dissipation, and their good thermal conductivity ensures high efficiency and reliable luminaire
  • Rated IP66 making it ‘dust tight’ and protecting the light against powerful jets of water
  • The built-in waterproof respirator is designed to remove fog and avoid condensation, does not deform, and extends the lifetime of the luminaire

Leverage a long-day lighting strategy to extend milk production hours

EcoBay Lighting
  • Available Options

  • • Three installation options: hook, pipe, or bracket
    • Stand-alone or total control systems
    • VES-Artex engineers are available for lighting layouts and design application recommendations

    Part NumberWattageVoltageCCTDimmableInstallation
    105537150 w100 – 277 V5000 KYesSafety Hook & Cable
    105538150 w100 – 277 V5000 KYesSafety Hook & Cable
    105539200 w100 – 277 V5000 KYesSafety Hook & Cable
    103859200 w100 – 277 V5000 KYesSafety Hook & Cable
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