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Effective Cooling Velocity (ECV): Belt Drive

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Product Overview

Unlike traditional panel and basket fans, the Effective Cooling Velocity (ECV): Belt Drive recirculation fan creates a wave of air which travels directly down to the cow level. Designed exclusively for cow comfort, ECVC fans create the high-velocity air speed needed to reduce heat stress and increase laying time, while saving you both time and labor with quick-change belt drive options. The ECVC fan is the fan of choice for world-class dairy producers around the world.

(ECV): Belt Drive

Features & Benefits of a Belt Drive ECV Fan

(ECV): Belt Drive

Features of Belt Drive ECV

  • Quick-change belt drive
  • Adjustable air flow deflectors
  • Corrosion-resistant fiberglass housing
  • Fully enclosed maintenance-free motor
  • Shipped fully assembled, except for deflectors
  • Heavy-duty taper lock pulley with four sealed bearing assembly
  • Precision balanced heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant, four poly blade
(ECV): Belt Drive

Benefits of Belt Drive ECV

  • The ECVAir™ Technology (Effective Cooling Velocity) creates extreme air speeds which cool cows, control insects, dry bedding, and provides a comfortable environment for staff and animals
  • De-stratifies air at low speeds, covering over 15,000 sq ft with minimal amounts of power
  • Designed for quick and easy maintenance
  • This fan operates quietly on all speeds, creating a more comfortable working environment
  • When paired with a High-Pressure Fogging system, this circulation fan can decrease the temperature of the air at the cow level

After installing VES-Artex ECV fans, Huddlestone Farmers in Steyning, West Sussex, doubled their conception rates for the hot summer months!

  • Available Options

  • – Control fans with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) which include noise filters, multiple voltage applications, Nema 4 enclosures with optional built in or manual disconnects, wireless and sensors.

    – Safety guards are an optional accessory

    – Connect temperature sensors to control fan speed with VFDs

    – Add High Pressure Fogging kits to increase cow cooling

    – Collaborate with VES-Artex’s team of design and layout engineers, project support engineers, research engineers, and veterinarians to create a customized ventilation system

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