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Effective Cooling Velocity (ECV): Direct Drive

Smart AND Powerful

Product Overview

Designed to provide Effective Cooling Velocity (ECV), the (ECV): Direct Drive fans have adjustable louvers that direct air onto the cow at the high air speeds needed to cool them, preventing costly heat stress.

(ECV): Direct Drive

Features & Benefits of ECV Direct Drive Fans

(ECV): Direct Drive


  • Durable, easy-to-clean SMC fiberglass housing with Turbo Cone
  • 4 fiber reinforced polypropylene blades on 72” fan and 3 on 55”
  • Minimal-maintenance direct drive with Smart Motor Technology
  • Adjustable deflectors to direct airflow to specific areas in the facility
  • Scientifically designed to maximize efficiency and airflow volume


  • Minimal-maintenance direct drive system and variable speed on both AFRD and AFRV fans
  • Smart Motor Technology provides maximum intelligence, connectivity, reliability, efficiency, and performance while reducing electrical noise and energy consumption
  • Smart Motor Technology means improved airflow per watt at lower motor speeds
  • Durable, smooth reinforced poly blade assembly that stays cleaner, is rust-free, and long-lasting
  • An integrated mount provides sturdy structural support while reducing fan weight

“We’ve seen an 18-month payback on initial investment of these fans.” – Keith Gue, Huddlestone Farmers Ltd in Steyning, West Sussex

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  • Additional Information:

    – Control fans with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) which include noise filters, multiple voltage applications, Nema 4 enclosures with optional built in or manual disconnects, wireless and sensors.

    – Safety guards are an optional accessory

    – Connect temperature sensors to control fan speed with VFDs

    – Add High Pressure Fogging kits to increase cow cooling

    – Collaborate with VES-Artex’s team of design and layout engineers, project support engineers, research engineers, and veterinarians to create a customized ventilation system

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