Feedlane Soaking

Effective cooling made easy

Product Overview

A critical component of any cooling strategy, Feedlane Soaking allows for fast-acting evaporative cooling when combined with supplemental airflow from fans.

VES-Artex soaking systems work with environmental controls to automate the system, allowing you to focus on the things that matter.

Feedlane Soaking

Features & Benefits of Feedlane Soaking



  • Each system is custom designed to meet the specific needs of your facility and management style
  • Long-lasting stainless steel nozzles
  • Works in tandem with VES-Artex controls to be a fully automated system
Feedlane Soaking


  • A key tool in the battle of heat stress, soaker lines are designed to provide additional cooling in barns and parlors.
  • Soaking quickly cools cows which encourages milk production, fertility, dry matter intake, and water consumption
  • Soaking also reduces heat stress and its impact on your herd’s health

VES-Artex soaker lines use low-pressure, large-droplet water soakers, which allows water to penetrate a cow’s hair and wet her back. The water is then exposed to high airflow that evaporates the water and cools your cows, this system performs best when paired with a VES-Artex recirculation fan.

  • Available Options

  • •Inlet connector with solenoid, water filter, and ball valve

    •Galvanized water pipe with pipe connectors

    •Anti Drip Nozzles spaced every 1.5 m (5’) along the pipe

    •Soaker pipe mount bracket

    •Environmental controller that adjusts soaking system cycle based on temperature

    Soaker Pipe Comes in 3 Sizes

    •60mm (2 3/8”) OD

    •73mm (2 7/8”) OD

    •89mm (3”) OD

    Soaker Pipe Comes in 3 Lengths

    •6.1m (20’)

    •3.05m (10’)

    •1.52m (5’)

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