Flip Over Gates

Versatile cow and facility management

Product Overview

The VES-Artex Flip-Over Gate System is ideal for closing off pens, packs, cross-overs, and traffic lanes where mounting other gates is difficult or not an option. This system gives farm managers greater flexibility to manage cow flow while maintaining the highest level of cow comfort.

The 180° swinging hinges allow the gate to easily rotate between the closed and opened position. Mandatory grease or lubrication is not needed with these hinges as they are engineered and constructed with high-grade, reliable components.

Flip-Over Gates

Flip-Over Gate Styles

Packs & Pens
Flip-Over Gates

Packs & Pens

  • Can be installed the full length of a pen between the bedding pack and the scrap alley, replacing fixed fence panels
  • Allows you to choose any gate as an exit or entry point
  • Can make a pen within the pack, eliminating the need for standard gates while giving you the option to have a pen in the middle for self-feeding or calf containment.
Flip-Over Gates


  • Allows the operator to close these areas off and open them as needed when moving cows to and from the pen.
  • Creates one-way traffic lanes which prevent cows from escaping via the cross-over, reducing the stress of chasing for both the animals and workers.

What Others Are Saying

“VES-Artex Flip-Over Gates are very handy; they’re a space saver and easy to operate. They are always a conversation piece during tours.”

Kenton Lindenback, Owner, Robella Farms
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