Head Catch

Head Catch System

Durable and safe component of cow flow management

Product Overview

The VES-Artex Head Catch System is designed to be used in a variety of applications from artificial inseminations, pregnancy checks, calving, and more. This system has an easily adjustable neck spacing with quick pins that allow you to lock up any breed of size of cow, including mature Holstein and Jersey cows.

The VES-Artex Head Catch features hot dip galvanized components and heavy-duty construction, making them the right choice for anyone seeking a long-lasting and durable head catch system.

Simply move your selected cow to the Head Catch and with the easy to close levers, secure the cow into the Head Catch and move forward with your check. Once complete, utilize the gate release levels, conveniently available on both the left and right hand sides of the system to release the cow back into the barn.

The Head Catch makes hands off cow flow management easy!

Head Catch

Features of the Head Catch

Head Catch


  • Adjustable neck spacing with quick pins
  • Fits all breeds and sizes of cattle, including mature Holsteins and Jerseys
  • Gate release levers on both left and right sides allowing for easy access and accessibility
  • All components in the system are hot dip galvanized and boast heavy duty construction
  • Designed to be installed on a curb
  • A long lasting, heavy duty and durable system

Artificial inseminations and pregnancy checks are easier and safer to complete with a head catch from VES-Artex. The Head Catch system is the right choice for anyone looking for a long lasting and durable system.

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