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Heavy Duty Self Locks (HSL)

Longer runs without intermediate posts

Product Overview

VES-Artex Heavy Duty Self Locks (HSL) help maximize management efficiency by giving producers the ability to restrain many animals at one time for treatments and other health checks. These headlocks are robust for any size of animal and maintain cow comfort.

Our Heavy Duty Self Locks utilize all the same features found on VES-Artex Standard Self Locks with the additional feature of including a heavy duty 2.75″ (70mm) square top and bottom rail.

Heavy Duty Self Locks (HSL)

Features & Benefits of Heavy-Duty Self Locks

Heavy Duty Self Locks (HSL)


  • 2.75″ (70mm) heavy-duty top rail
  • 2.75″ (70mm) heavy-duty bottom rail
  • Install long runs up to 20″ (6M) without posts
  • Quick release mechanism
  • Noise reducing impact pants
  • Visual locking flipper
  • Easy installation
  • Exceptional corrosion-resistance and strength
Heavy Duty Self Locks (HSL)


  • Easy connection for feed stalls
  • Fewer intermediate posts required
  • Robust, durable and heavy duty steel utilized for the top and bottom rails
  • Noise reducing impact pads keep your barn quite and comfortable for the cows as they use the self locks
  • Visual locking indicator allows you to quickly see which animals are and are not locked up, as well as the ability to lock up cows individually or as a group

The noise reducing impact pads are equally appreciated by the herd and staff keeping your barn quiet and calm.

  • Available Options

  • Headlock Section Length (Imperial)Headlock Section Length (Metric)Quantity of openings per section
    8′ 0″2.40 m3
    10′ 0″3.05 m5
    12′ 0″3.66 m6
    13′ 5″4.00 m6
    14′ 0″4.25 m7
    15′ 0″4.56 m7
    16′ 0″4.88 m8
    16′ 0″4.88 m10

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