High-Pressure Fogging (HPF)

Cooling at its finest

Product Overview

A Cooler Working Environment for Animals and Staff

Where feed-lane and holding area soaking are focused on directly cooling cows, High Pressure Fogging (HPF) Systems lower the ambient temperature in your entire facility. High-Pressure Fogging (HPF) Systems are designed to cool the air and increase humidity levels while controlling dust and bad odors.

High Pressure Fogging (HPF)

Features & Benefits of High-Pressure Fogging

High Pressure Fogging


  • Control temperature and humidity levels in livestock and poultry facilities, greenhouses, industrial buildings, outdoor spaces, factories, sporting venues, train platforms, and power stations
  • Static electricity suppression
  • Suppression of airborne contaminates like dust, ammonia, exhaust fumes, and pollutants.
High Pressure Fogging


  • Reduce the ambient temperature in your barn, parlor, or holding area with High_pressure Fogging (HPF) anywhere from 36.5˚F to 60.8˚F.
  • Unlike cooling pads, High-Pressure Fogging systems are not limited to a minimum velocity based on the available wall space.
  • Reduces heat stress and increases production levels, dry matter intake, and pregnancy rates.
  • The VES-Artex HPF system will give, on average, a return on investment in just 2 years!

A high pressure fogging systems is a key component to a successful cooling strategy. Contact a VES-Artex representative to design your system today!

High_Pressure Fogging
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