Holding Area Soaker

Less stress, more milk

Product Overview

A key tool in the battle of heat stress, VES-Artex Holding Area Soaker lines are designed to provide additional cooling in barns and parlors. Our soaker lines use low-pressure, large-droplet water soakers, which allow water to penetrate a cow’s hair and drench her back. The water is then exposed to high airflow which evaporates the water and cools the cows. This system performs best when paired with a VES-Artex recirculation fan to create a complete animal-centered environment.

The VES-Artex ventilation and cow cooling team will work with you to develop a soaking strategy that works for you. We’ll help determine the temperature parameters, how often, and how long to run your soaking intervals.

Holding Area Soaker

Features & Benefits of Soaking in the Holding Area



  • Custom design and operation
  • Electric solenoid valve
  • Soaker environmental controls
Holding Area Soaker


  • Prefabricated soaker systems are designed for easy pipe and nozzle installation
  • Automatic controls adjust the soaking time based on the barn’s environment
  • Reduce heat stress in dairy cows which increases milk production, health and fertility

Keep your cows cool and comfortable while they’re waiting for the parlor with a VES-Artex soaker system.

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