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20″ Jet Fan

Product Overview

Jet fans increase air velocity efficiently in your facility. Fans are comprised of 20″ composite fiber and the deep Venturi housing shape and narrow cone maximize the amount of air the fan uses. Maximize your cow comfort by using your fan with our fogging or misting kits. For ease of installation, this fan is shipped completely assembled.

Jet Fan

Features & Benefits of 20″ Jet Fan

Jet fan


  • Constructed with reinforced composite fiber
  • Deep aerodynamic venturi housing and narrow cone to encourage concentration of airflow
  • Enclosed, high-efficiency motor
  • Stainless steel hardware
Jet Fan


  • Durable construction which lasts for years
  • Propeller pitch and motor are closely matched to maximize airflow output
  • Quiet operation
  • Compatible with misting and fogging kits

A 20″ Jet fan provides air velocity right where you need it. Cows, poultry, swine, and even humans enjoy the powerful airflow from a Jet fan.

  • Available Options

    • Swivel mounting bracket for mounting the fan to ceiling, post, or wall.
    • Add a misting or fogging ring to cool the air the Jet fan propels forward
    • The motor is available as 1 phase or 3 phase and 1/3HP to 1/2 HP
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