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Monsoon Fan

Multi-purpose fan and powered inlet

Product Overview

VES-Artex Monsoon fans are a versatile option that can be used as either a positive pressure fan, an exhaust fan, or as a powered inlet. Equipped with an insulated shutter, these fans offer substantial protection against the elements in extreme climates. Available in both belt drive and direct drive options, the belt drive features a quick-change belt system.

Monsoon Fans

Features & Benefits of Monsoon Fans

Monsoon Positive Pressure Fans
Monsoon Exhaust Fans
Monsoon Fans

Monsoon Positive Pressure Fans

As a positive pressure fan, Monsoon fans are designed to inject fresh air into enclosed environments such as parlors or large tunnel vent barns. A valuable addition to facilities where the negative inlet is insufficient, they can reduce static pressure by forcing air into the barn, giving you more air to push through.

Available in 50” and 72”

  • 50”Peak Performance: 35,255 M³/h | 20,750 CFM at 0” SP
  • 72” Peak Performance: 71.959 M³/h | 42,353 CFM at 0” SP
Monsoon Fans

Monsoon Exhaust Fans

Flexible and energy-efficient, Monsoon Exhaust fans are equipped with a narrow, box-style configuration for easier placement and space optimization. Designed for extreme climates, their insulated shutters act as an insulator in the winter and don’t require winter doors or barriers on the mouth of the fan.

Available in 50” and 72”

  • 50”Peak Performance: 35,260 M³/h | 20,753 CFM at 0” SP
  • 72” Peak Performance: 71.157 M³/h | 43,058 CFM at 0.1” SP

Unlike traditional negative pressure shutters, our powered shutters are not affected by changes in wind direction or speed. They can also be opened while the fan is not spinning to act as a passive inlet or outlet when needed.

  • Available Options

    • Insulated and non-insulated shutters are available
    • Increase energy savings with VES-Artex Automated Controls
    • Designed to work with any VES-Artex Cooling System
    • Qualifies for energy rebates – speak with your energy provider for details
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