Feed Front

Non-Locking Feed Fronts

Training tools for future headlock use

Product Overview

Sloped Feed Rails and V-Trainers are a great feed rail alternative for young animals. With a mixture of ages and sizes in a pen, these Non-Locking Feed Fronts not only teach animals how to put their head through a small space and keeps them in the pen and stop older animals from bullying the younger ones at the feed front.
By using V-Trainers or Sloped Feed Rails as a training tool before transitioning to headlocks, you ensure a smooth transition and fewer refusals.

Features & Benefits of Sloped Feed Rails



  • Durable steel
  • Constructed in segments with opening quantities ranging from 6 to 14


  • Long-lasting high-grade construction will last for a long time
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Safely trains the animals for future headlock use

Ensure your herd’s smooth transition to other non-locking AND locking headlocks by utilizing a Sloped Feed Rail while they are young.

  • Available Options

  • Sloped Feed Rail Section Length (Imperial)Sloped Feed Rail Section Length (Metric)Quantity of Openings per section
    7′ 11″2.41 m6
    7′ 11″2.41 m7
    7′ 11″2.41 m8
    7′ 11″2.41 m9
    9′ 1-15/16″2.97 m12
    9′ 11″3.01 m7
    9′ 11″3.02 m8
    9′ 11″3.02 m9
    9′ 11″3.02 m10
    9′ 11″3.02 m12
    11′ 11″3.36 m10
    11′ 11″3.36 m12
    11′ 11″3.36 m14
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