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Positive Pressure Tube System

An added kick to a ventilation strategy

Product Overview

Sometimes one strategy isn’t enough. VES-Artex Positive Pressure Tube System is designed to give a freestall barn, calf barn, parlor, or holding area that extra kick needed to keep the air clean and fresh for every cow. Used in large tunnel and cross vent facilities, Positive Pressure Tube Systems inject fresh, clean air partway through the barn to maintain good air quality as it travels through the building. It can be used all year round or as part of a winter ventilation strategy, then folded up, so it is out of the way during the summer months.

Positive Pressure Tube Systems

Features & Benefits of a Positive Pressure Tube System

Positive pressure Tube Systems


  • Constructed with collapsible material for easy off-season storage
  • Custom design for each application
  • Compatible with VES-Artex PPF fans and most other manufactured fans
Positive pressure Tube Systems


  • Strategically place fresh air throughout a facility
  • Introduce fresh air to calves without creating drafts
  • Maintain a healthy herd

Why choose a VES-Artex tube system?

A tube system provides fresh air which helps keep the herd healthy. Young stock that stay healthy and have fewer health concerns have a higher expected lifetime milk yield than calves that have had numerous health issues.

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  • Contact VES-Artex to create a custom tube system

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