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Positive Pressure Fans (PPF): Direct Drive

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Product Overview

VES-Artex Positive Pressure Fans (PPF): Direct Drive with Smart Motor Technology is designed to inject fresh air into barns, parlors, or holding areas. They are also great additions to facilities where negative inlets are not enough. PPFD fans help to reduce static pressure by forcing air into the barn, giving you more air to circulate. Pair with DairyBOS ® our connected technology to provide you with hands-off facility and data management.

Features & Benefits of PPF Direct Drive Fans

Positive pressure Fans (PPF): Direct Drive


  • Four fiber reinforced polypropylene blades on a 72” fan and three on 55”
  • UL listed & CE certified motors with an industry-leading 3-year warranty
Positive pressure Fans (PPF): Direct Drive


  • Minimal-Maintenance direct drive system and variable speed on all PPFD fans
  • Smart Motor Technology provides maximum intelligence, connectivity, reliability, efficiency, and performance while reducing electrical noise and energy consumption
  • Durable and smooth reinforced poly blade assembly that stays cleaner is rust-free and long-lasting
  • Durable, reinforced, smooth Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) housing with Turbo Cone
  • A powered, full-control inlet gives fresh air & reduces static pressure
  • When paired with the HPF system, it will cool air as it enters the facility

Powered, full-control inlet gives fresh air & reduces static pressure. A PPF fan can be paired with a high pressure fogging system to cool air as it enters the facility.

  • Available Options

  • 36″ PPF with Direct Drive Technology

    The 36” PPFV fan features a blended GenV housing shape designed to bring in the maximum air volume and redistribute it at high velocity.

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