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Raised Calf Zone

Calf pens designed specifically for dairies using flush systems

Product Overview

These freestanding Raised Calf Zone pens feature a slatted floor that was developed for use with flush systems. Featuring the VES-Artex slatted floor, the holes are large enough to allow waste to pass through and are designed to prevent damage to the calves’ hooves. Now available in two sizes, our systems feature two separate front gate openings that help prevent contamination between buckets. This Calf Zone System features a steel plate base with a steel lip that safely secures the floor panels in place and makes installation and cleaning easy.

Raised Calf Zone

Features & Benefits of a Raised Calf Zone

Raised Calf Zone


  • Designed for use with flush systems
  • Holes large enough to allow for good drainage
  • Easy installation and cleaning
Raised Calf Zone


  • Bucket holder base that prevents animals from pushing buckets through the holder
  • Spring-loaded bucket hold-down mechanism that stops calves from tipping buckets and contents
  • Two opening gates that prevent cross-contamination between feed and water

The raised beds help you efficiently clean the calves’ living area

  • Available Options

  • Two Raised Calf Zone widths

    2Qt (2L) or 6Qt (6L) bottle holder

    Single or double-sided hay feeder

    5Qt (5L) or 10Qt (10L) no-stick stackable buckets

    Single opening back panel option for use with robot feeders

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