Facility temperature control

Product Overview

The SEC-DC controller automatically controls the speed of fans based on the temperature in your facility. This multistage variable control is designed to control the speed of up to twenty fans within 500’ of the controller. Take the guesswork out of managing your ventilation equipment. Your team can focus on other more important tasks, while this automatic temperature control maintains a comfortable working environment for your staff and animals.


Features & Benefits of SEC-DC


Features of SEC-DC

  • Error code display
  • Ventilation disable option
  • Manual override/test mode
  • Two variable 0 to 10 VDC outputs
  • Power-failure settings protection
  • LED display with stage status LEDS
  • Seven configurable operation programs
  • One alarm relay for external alarm or siren
  • Minimum & maximum temperature logging
  • Three-second full-power-turn-on for minimizing ice-up
  • Three general-purpose relays (heat, cool, or disconnect)
  • Rugged, fire retardant, corrosion & water resistant enclosure

Benefits of SEC-DC

  • Automatically adjusts fan speed from high to low based on the temperature (ranging from -13° to 125°F) within your facility
  • Comes standard with a 30’ temperature probe that is extendable up to 500’
  • For added flexibility you can connect four temperature probes together giving you the ability to use four-zone averaging
  • This control has seven factory configured operating programs that can be configured to fit the specific requirements of your facility
  • This control is designed to run variable frequency drives but can also control any modulating valves or other equipment that requires 0 to 10 VDC input

Set it and forget it

The SEC-DC automatically changes the speed of the connected fans based on the barn’s temperature.

Effective Cooling Velocity Fan
  • Available Options

  • • Probes are available in 30’, or 150’ cable lengths
    • Designed for use with all VES-Artex circulation and exhaust fans using any wired VES-Artex VFDs

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