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Straight Upright Self Locks

Designed for comfort and labor efficiency

Product Overview

Headlocks were designed to give farmers the ability to restrain multiple animals at one time, streamlining labor efficiency and making physical examinations, vaccinations, artificial inseminations, pregnancy checks, and routine treatments faster and safer.

Features & Benefits of Upright Headlocks


Features of Upright Headlocks

  • Pivot swing arm for extended life span
  • Hot dip galvanized after welding for increased durability
  • Features a self-opening top and a bottom blocker to prevent cows from entering the wrong way

Benefits of Upright Headlocks

  • Headlocks allow just a few people to lock up and treat a number of animals at one time and eliminate time-consuming chasing. This drastically reduces the labor needed to treat the animals
  • Headlocks create a safer, less stressful working environment for animals and staff
  • Our Standard self locks are hot dip galvanized after welding, which ensures exceptional corrosion resistance. These headlocks have 2-3 times the zinc spray coating found on welded headlocks

The exceptional corrosion-resistance and strength of the headlocks ensure they will last for years in the tough barn environment

  • Available Options

  • • Spring loaded and welded style headlock handles
    • Regular and adjustable headlock handles
    • Variety of brackets and clamps

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