Gather real-time data to instantly engage ventilation and cooling strategies

Product Overview

We use a variety of climate sensors in combination with controls, to record and automate changes within your facility. This allows for a more consistent environment where animal well-being is optimized, and productivity is maximized.


Types of Sensors

Humidity & Temp
Static Pressure

DOL 16 Light

The DOL 16 is a robust light sensor measuring light intensity and is specifically made for agriculture applications. Use a light sensor to ensure the barn’s lights power on only when necessary. This saves operational costs and helps create an animal-centered environment


DOL 114 Humidity & Temperature

Prioritize a comfortable environment for both animals and staff by using a DOL 114 sensor. It measures humidity and temperature simultaneously and can connect to a control network to automatically adjust a barn’s ventilation and cooling systems. Humidity and temperature sensors from other manufacturers are also available.


DOL 53 Ammonia

A robust sensor specifically designed for continuous measurement of ammonia (NH3) concentration in barns. It connects seamlessly with a wide variety of control systems and has a 36-month service life. Ammonia sensors from other manufacturers are also available.

Phason SPS-2 Static Pressure

A static pressure sensor monitors the difference in pressure between the inside and outside of a building. Monitoring and adjusting the pressure differences enable the ventilation strategy to operate efficiently and effectively. Static pressure sensors from other manufacturers are also available.

DOL Weather

Monitor wind direction, wind speed, rain, air pressure, and air temperature with a comprehensive weather sensor. Connect the sensor to the control infrastructure to automatically adjust ventilation and cooling systems. Weather sensors from other manufacturers are also available.


Independent wind sensors, anemometers, or digital anemometers are all great tools to monitor and influence a barn’s ventilation strategy. Connect to a control infrastructure or use it independently to gain insight into a barn’s environment. Wind sensors from other manufacturers are also available.

Sensors are a key component of ventilation and cooling strategies as they gather data closest to the herd’s microclimate. Creating the best microclimate positively influences milk production, fertility, health, and overall comfort.

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