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Heavy-duty aluminum shutter exhaust fan

Product Overview

The VES-Artex three and single-speed aluminum shutter exhaust
fans are one of the most economical and versatile available today. This fan’s fully enclosed motor has a built-in speed switch and a 9’ electrical cord, meaning you won’t need to hire an electrician to come in and set the fan up. Mount it on the wall, plug it in and you’re good to go. With corrosion-resistant shutters and a durable painted grill, this fan stands up to the toughest applications, giving you long-term, trouble-free use.

Model specific data sheets are posted below

Shutter Exhaust Fan

Aluminum Shutter Exhaust Fan Models

3-speed Shutter Fan
Single-speed Shutter Fan
Shutter Exhaust Fan

3-speed Shutter Fan

  • Ideal for factories, warehouses, garages, attics, and agricultural and horticultural applications
  • Silicon steel rotators have been balanced to reduce noise vibration and extend the life of the fan
  • Comes fully assembled for easy installation

Shutter Exhaust Fan

Single speed Shutter Fan

  • Single speed means the fan operates at High-speed or off
  • Fully enclosed, maintenance-free, CSA/CSA-US approved motor
  • Bearings designed to handle temperatures from -40°F to 284°F

These fans are connected to a 9′ electrical cord meaning electricians are not needed to install this fan; simply plug the fan in and turn it on

Shutter Exhaust Fan
  • Available Options

    • 3-speed
    • Single speed
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