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Product Overview

VES-Artex Storm fans are a vital part of any ventilation strategy. Whether you are working with an assisted natural, tunnel, or cross-vent facility, Storm fans ensure that cool, fresh air is directed straight down onto the cow level. With adjustable louvers, Storm fans offer the greatest flexibility and control over wind direction allowing you to direct airflow down onto beds, parlors, and other areas within your facility. Adding these fans is an effective, long-term solution that offers the highest return on investment.

Storm Fan

Features & Benefits of Storm Fans



  • Heavy-duty aluminum or high-velocity nylon blade options
  • Fully enclosed motor
  • Adjustable louvers
  • Quick-change belt drive system for belt drive fans


  • Specifically direct airflow
  • Variable speed control for added energy savings
  • Quick and easy maintenance options

One 72″ Storm fan has the capability to replace four 50″ single speed panel fans OR eight 36″ basket fans.

  • Available Options

  • Available fan sizes: 55″, 72″, and 84″

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