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Wide Self Locks (WSL)

More room for every size animal

Product Overview

VES-Artex Wide Self-Locks (WSL) offer an extra-wide top and bottom opening giving animals more room to enter and exit the headlock. Our Wide Self-Locks are easy to install and are an excellent solution for larger animals or those not used to headlocks.

Wide Self-Locks (WSL)

Features & Benefits of Wide Self-Locks

Wide Self-Locks (WSL)


  • SMART Control Rod Connection
  • Simple and easy installation
  • 17″ (43cm) top openings
  • 17″ (43cm) bottom opening
Wide Self-Locks (WSL)


  • More room to enter and exit the headlock
  • Perfect for larger animals or those not used to headlocks

The noise-reducing impact pads, visual locking indicator, and quick release mechanism all work together to ensure the headlock is safe and enjoyable to use for the animal AND staff

  • Available Options

  • Headlock Section Length (Imperial)Headlock Section Length (Metric)Quantity of Openings Per Section
    8′ 0″2.44 m4
    10′ 0″3.05 m5
    12′ 0″3.66 m6
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