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Wide Self Locks (WSL)

More room for every size animal

Product Overview

VES-Artex Wide Self-Locks (WSL) offer an extra-wide top and bottom opening giving animals more room to enter and exit the headlock. Our Wide Self-Locks are easy to install and are an excellent solution for larger animals or those not used to headlocks.

Designed for comfort and labor efficiency, WSL self locks were designed to give dairy farmers and their employees the ability to restrain multiple animals at one time, streamlining labor
efficiency and making physical examinations, vaccinations, artificial inseminations, pregnancy checks and routine treatments faster and safer.

Wide Self-Locks (WSL)

Features & Benefits of Wide Self-Locks (WSL)

Wide Self-Locks (WSL)


  • SMART Control Rod Connection
  • Simple and easy installation
  • 17″ (43cm) top openings
  • 17″ (43cm) bottom opening
  • Rub reducing flippers
  • Auto open top
  • Quick release mechanism
  • Visual locking indicator
Wide Self-Locks (WSL)


  • More room to enter and exit the headlock
  • Perfect for larger animals or those not used to headlocks
  • Allows for maximum cow comfort and easy entrance with extra wide opening
  • Easy installation and replacement
  • Noise reducing impact pads keep your barn quite and comfortable for the cows as they use the self locks
  • Visual locking indicator allows you to quickly see which animals are and are not locked up, as well as the ability to lock up cows individually or as a group

The noise-reducing impact pads, visual locking indicator, and quick release mechanism all work together to ensure the headlock is safe and enjoyable to use for the animal AND staff.

  • Available Options

  • Headlock Section Length (Imperial)Headlock Section Length (Metric)Quantity of Openings Per Section
    8′ 0″2.44 m4
    10′ 0″3.05 m5
    12′ 0″3.66 m6
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