Heat Stress & Seasonal Effects on Calves

Please join us for a presentation from Dr. Sha Tao, an associate professor in heat stress physiology and management at the University of Georgia. The impact of postnatal heat stress on dairy calves has been seldomly studied mainly because of the notion that the calf is less susceptible to heat. However, the preweaned dairy calf has elevated body temperature when exposed to heat stress, similar to adult dairy cattle. Postnatal heat stress may have direct effects on body growth and immunity of the calves before weaning. Additionally, there may be seasonal effects on calf growth and mortality. During summer, strategies such as forced ventilation, shade and proper nutritional management may help minimize the potential impacts of heat stress on dairy calves.

Paired Housing for Calves

Please join us for this intriguing presentation by Dr. Whitney Knauer of the University of Minnesota. The presentation will delve into what is currently known about pair housing and its benefits to the calf when compared to individual housing and the current best practices for implementing this pre-weaning housing strategy.

Calf Housing and Care for the Next Decade

Recommendations regarding the care and housing of dairy calves have changed dramatically over the last decade. During this presentation, Dr. von Keyserlingk will highlight the latest research undertaken on feeding and housing of the milk fed dairy calf. She will also highlight some of the areas of calf care that are likely going to receive increased attention over the next decade and areas that are in need targeted research in order to find sustainable solutions.

Cost & Effect of Poorly Ventilating Calves

Calves are the foundation for a successful healthy herd, so it’s crucial to make sure they are living in the best possible environment, and it starts with the air around them. Dr. Michael Wolf is the owner of Country Doctors Veterinary Service and a consulting veterinarian for VES-Artex, he will discuss how important a healthy environment is for the long-term health, wellbeing and productivity of growing heifers. He’ll walk us through design goals and the cost/benefit analysis of your ventilation investment.