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Increase Your Farm’s Water Efficiency

Happy New Year from VES-Artex! It’s a brand new year, and with a new year comes new technology and ideas to help improve your daily operations and systems. With a recession looming overhead and social pressures on dairy producers, now is a great time to increase your cows’ comfort and reduce inefficiencies regarding water and resources with the Intelligent Soaker system

Why Should You Soak Your Cows in a More Intelligent Way?

There are two main reasons you should cool your cows more intelligently:

  1. Increase the comfort of your herd by ensuring they keep cool and avoid costly heat stress
  2. Save money and water resources by implementing an intelligent soaking system that turns on when a cow is actually present

“Cows spend 70 percent of the time away from the feed lane lying down…and being milked, during this time traditional soakers continue to operate. There is a lot of potential for water savings, but heat abatement is challenging to optimize because the negative effects of insufficient cooling can be extremely detrimental to animal well-being and production,” says Dr. Mario Mondaca, R & D Hardware Development Engineer at VES-Artex. 

How Do You Implement a More Efficient Cooling System for Your Cows?

Our team of dairy experts at VES-Artex developed the Intelligent Soaker, a more efficient soaking system designed to spray water when an animal is present. By implementing the Intelligent Soaker for your cows, you increase your herd's comfort during the hot summer months and can decrease water waste on your farm. 

When using the Intelligent Soaker, some farms save between 50-70% of water usage compared to conventional soakers! Can you imagine the financial savings you could see by implementing this intelligent new system? These savings are reflected as the soakers only turn on when the sensors detect an animal’s presence, at which point the soakers provide maximum soaking on the animal before turning off. Thus, it leads to efficient water usage and greater environmental stability, all while mitigating heat stress and maximizing productivity.

Not only does the Intelligent Soaker generate a more efficient way to soak your herd, but it can be retrofitted into a current system in place. One of the Intelligent Soaker’s greatest assets is its plug-and-play feature, which makes it easy to assemble and use. 

The goal of implementing the Intelligent Soaker is to keep your cows cool in an intelligent way and to save you money. “The Intelligent Soaker will allow farms to provide heat abatement while achieving a more sustainable operation,” says Mondaca. To learn more about increasing your herd’s cow comfort, reach out to our team of dairy experts.

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