World Dairy Expo – visit us at EH 3807-3909!

Join us during our greatest event of the year in Madison, Wisconsin

We look forward to see many new and old faces in our booth at WDE. Please join us to view our build-a-barn program, see how DairyBOS can give you ultimate control over the back-of-your-barn, view brand new and trusted solutions and much more!

Knowledge Nook Sessions
New Product Features

Thursday, October 5 at 12:30pm and Friday, October 6 at 11:30am

Digitizing Dairy Barn Design

VES-Artex has developed a suite of tools capable of simplifying barn and facility design down to a single input! The goal is to show that while every barn will have custom needs, the blunt of the design can be automated and accurate. Join Dr. Mondaca on distilling and parametrizing the core design components for dairy barns and their ventilation systems into something we call single-input.

Dr. Mario Mondaca is a Biosystems Engineer. He has studied and modeled heat stress in dairy for over 10 years with a focus on facility design and its effect on the dairy’s micro-environment and physio-environmental responses.

Roller Shutter

If you are looking for a shutter with better performance than regular static shutters, look no further than the Roller Shutter for exhaust fans!​ This brand-new shutter seals tightly against high static pressures and aids in keeping your barn temperature consistent and comfortable.​ There’s no need to add on additional covers in the winter months as the roll up shutter automatically will roll up or down pending if the fan is on or not.

50″ Blast Direct Drive Circulation Fan

The 50” Blast fan is truly a jack-of-all-trades. Dairy farmers can utilize the high efficiency motor and cash in on environmental rebates with energy savings. This fan can work in a variety of barn ventilation strategies, but works particularly well in naturally ventilated barns to boost air circulation while maintaining outstanding motor performance.

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