Stall Divider/Loop

Y2K Stall Divider/Loop

Product Overview

Research shows that the more a cow lays down, the more milk she produces. The VES-Artex Freestall system encourages your cows to lay down more often and for longer. We provide you with a cost-effective, easy-to-install system that is stronger and will last longer than other systems on the market.

Stall Dividers

Features & Benefits of Stall Divider/Loop Freestalls

Stall Dividers


  • Closed Loop
  • Horizontal Top
  • Easier Exit
  • High Cantilever
  • Transitional Drop
  • Open front
  • Recessed Loop
  • Low, Open Side Lunge
Stall Dividers


  • Prevents cows from turning around in the stall while exiting
  • Allows for shoulder bar length adjustments without affecting the height
  • A sloped top that allows cows to turn sooner when exiting
  • Gives more space for the cow’s pin bones, providing a comfortable rest.
  • Helps the cow to position themselves and lie straight in the stalls.
  • Allows cows to enter and lie down comfortably and rest in natural positions.
  • Stops cows from hitting loops while walking by and from walking position.
  • Allows cows full 360˚ head movement for sleeping, grooming, and side lunging

There’s plenty of room with Bio Rail for our cows to get up comfortably.

Kurt Wierda, Perry Creek Dairy
  • Available Options

  • Y2K Loop – Mature cows
    SY2K Loop – Mature cows
    SY2K Loops
    No-Thru Loop – Mature cows
    No-Thru Loops
    Standard Loop – Mature cows
    J2K Loop – Mature Jersey cows
    Stall Loops
    H2K Loop – Heifer Young Stock for Long Platform
    Young Stock Loop – Calf for Short Platform
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