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Introducing water in the form of high pressure fogging, feed lane soaking, or holding area soaking is the most effective way to cool cows when combined with supplemental airflow from fans.

About Cooling

Effective cooling reduces heat stress. Experts estimate heat stress causes $5 – $6 billion USD yearly in lost milk production and decreased animal performance in the U.S. alone.

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Benefits of Cooling

Reduces Heat Stress

Increases Milk Production

Cooler Environment
Cooling Testimonial Ben Jones Profile Pic

“Just getting that water on the cows
for evaporative cooling
is incredible.”

Ben Jones,
Trillium Hills

High Pressure Fogging ECV

High-Pressure Fogging

High-pressure fogging systems provide added cow cooling when ventilation alone is not enough. Combining micron-sized droplets with high-air velocity cools the air which is being directed to the cows.

Intelligent Soaker

VES-Artex Intelligent Soakers provide an innovative solution to heat stress. Unlike conventional soakers, the Intelligent Soaker soaks an animal if it is present, leading to efficient water use and a priority on environmental sustainability.
Feedlane Soaker. Cow Cooling. Cow Comfort

Feedlane Soaker

A critical component of any cooling strategy, feedlane soaking allows for fast-acting evaporative cooling when combined with supplemental airflow from fans.

Holding Area Soaker

A vital tool in the battle of heat stress, VES-Artex soaker lines are designed to provide additional cooling in barns and parlors. Our soaker lines use low-pressure, large-droplet water soakers, which allow water to penetrate a cow’s hair and drench her back.

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